What You Need to Know About Your Right to Privacy in Senior Living

right to privacy

Over 835,000 Americans currently live in some form of senior living communities. Even so, many still live alone in their homes. Many relatives start to worry about the safety of their much-loved seniors. The elderly person may not share those concerns. They are unhappy to leave their own home and give up their right to privacy. It […]


7 Key Benefits of All Inclusive Skilled Nursing Care

skilled nursing care

Finding a safe place for your loved one is absolutely crucial when you’re thinking about senior care. You may think that most nursing homes are the same, but the truth is that each one is unique.  If you want to find the right facility for your loved one, you need to find one that specializes […]


Luxury Senior Living: What You Need to Know

senior living

More than 1.6 million beds were filled in senior living homes in 2016, and this number has only continued to rise. Senior living is a perfect transition for when taking care of a house becomes too overwhelming. If you or a loved one is ready to move somewhere with fewer responsibilities and more oversight, senior living is […]


How to Choose a Skilled Nursing Facility

skilled nursing facility

There are over 15,000 skilled nursing facilities in the United States. When you’re faced with the difficult decision of choosing an assisted living center for you or your loved one, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the options. As you’re considering which skilled nursing facility is the right fit, remember that each patient has different preferences, […]


How to Make a Smooth Transition Into an Assisted Living Community

assisted living

If you or someone you love is making a transition into assisted living, you understand the toll it can take on a person’s mental and physical health. After spending many long years independently and on your own, the idea of moving into an unfamiliar place can be overwhelming.  If you’re looking into an assisted living […]


Top 5 Differences Between Assisted Living and Nursing Homes

Is your elderly parent at the point where they need more care than you can provide them? If so, you’re probably thinking about making alternative living arrangements for them. Two of the most popular living arrangements for seniors are nursing homes and assisted living facilities. But, what’s the difference between a nursing home and an […]


8 Amenities to Expect When Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

Is it time to start looking at assisted living facilities for your loved one? When you and your elderly family member decide that they’ll lead a better life in an assisted living community, you need to find the best of the best. Not every assisted living facility offers the same services. Some focus on older people […]


The 7 Major Things To Look For When Choosing a Senior Home

Is time to make the jump towards moving to a senior facility? Choosing the right senior home for you or a loved one can feel like an exhausting experience. This is a big choice; you want this to be a “forever home”, so how do you make the right call? There are plenty of wonderful […]


Thriving in Your Retirement: 7 Things to Know About Independent Living for Seniors

For the more than 50 million Americans who are over the age of 65 deciding where they are going to continue living can be a difficult task. There are so many options available and factors to consider. It can be confusing to know what’s the best choice for you or your loved ones. You want to feel […]


Memory Care in Assisted Living: Key Differences and Services

It is a sad reality to face when an elderly loved one has reached the point in life where they can no longer live alone. Many resist accepting this fact and attempt to prolong any helpful solution. If you have exhausted all resources, it may be time for the painful but necessary decision to move […]