Green Spaces

Lush, Beautiful Spaces

Situated on over 22 acres in the picturesque Town and Country, Missouri, our facility offers a truly captivating environment.

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of our many walking paths, where you can bask in the serenity of nature or engage in a leisurely stroll. Discover a sense of peace and rejuvenation as you unwind on one of our inviting patios, each offering a unique vantage point to appreciate the scenic beauty around us. Take in the picturesque views of our serene lake, creating a tranquil ambiance that is unmatched.

We wholeheartedly encourage our guests to embrace the outdoors, whether it’s finding solace with a favorite book on the patio or enjoying a leisurely walk accompanied by one of our caring staff members. The healing power of nature is just outside your door, waiting to be explored and appreciated.

We understand that selecting the right senior living community is a decision that carries great weight. We warmly invite you to come and experience Mari de Villa for yourself. Take a personalized tour, ask questions, and meet our compassionate staff.

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