Why you should check in Mari Devilla.

MariDevilla was founded in 1960. It is a quiet, peaceful, lovely, retirement home. It started off as Missouri’s first retirement home. It is a place for mom St. Louis. After it being failed many times it finally became open to the public. It resumed funding and began construction. Mari De Villa opened up on march 9, 1960. It started it off with only 26 rooms for patients. The first location 13900 Clayton Road town and Country MO, 63017. Mari Villa is situated as 22 acres and gives a vibe of a Country Club. Definitely a place for mom St. Louis. They offer four categories: independent living, skilled nursing, memory care, skilled rehab. The look of the villas are incredible. With granite floors, stainless steel appliances and beautifully remodeled bathrooms. For the retirement attendees They include water aerobics classes, a heated indoor swimming pool, off-campus excursions, and have 24/7 emergency call waiting. It should be a place for mom St. Louis. If it’s not a place for mom St. Louis then you could have fooled me.

Nurses will provide private room, all meals, daily housekeeping, all person laundry, cable television, flat screen TV’s in all rooms, incontinence products, daily activities, daily social hours, transpiration, unlimited care. Memory care (meaning how a retirement patient’s brain is to think, and how they perceive things. If a patient is dealing with memory loss they will try all they can to help with that patient’s needs. Wow, it sounds like a place for mom St. Louis. The last thing that they offer is skilled rehab, (a place for mom St. Louis) meaning they help with whatever a patients going through they help them out and everything (a place for mom St. Louis)and cater to the guest through tough times. With everything being said I think that Mari De Ville Senior living would definitely be a place for mom St. Louis. I think it would be a place for mom St. Louis because it’s dedicated to help all. They have a lot of features to help the elderly, parents and all. I think you should check out Mari Devilla if you haven’t already.