St. Louis senior living community

Why Choose St. Louis Senior Living Community
For those who have loved ones that require assistance and help, St. Louis senior living community is a great choice for them. St. Louis senior living community carries several years of experience, and has been around since 1960. St. Louis senior living community also served plenty of families along with making each and every one of your loved ones life extremely comfortable. This community also sits on 22 acres of land, and carries a setup similar to a country club that provides an elegant and soothing atmosphere for the seniors. Anyone by all means are allowed to come to St. Louis senior living community, and this senior home has a no tolerance towards racism. This community carries love equally towards each and every senior living there, and carry knowledge and skill on how to provide the most comfortable setting for their patients.

What Is Provided In This Community?
St. Louis senior living community provides several amenities for your beloved relative or friend. Not only does St. Louis senior living community provide a beautiful exterior landscape and housing unit, but during their stay they will be provided with three meals per day, their own private room to lounge in or sleep, daily housekeeping will also be provided too along with personal laundry being done. Along with personal help with their daily lives, St. Louis serious living community also provides in each of their rooms a flat screen TV, incontinence products as much as needed, and daily social activities along with social hours to help keep them busy and motivated. If your loved one happens to want to go somewhere during the day, they also provide transportation to several locations.

Nursing Staff Are All Licensed
During meal time, to make sure your loved one gets the correct meal, they will speak with a registered dietician to get the correct meal plan that they deserve for their overall health. St. Louis senior living community also provides nursing staff that is available 24/7 for your loved ones, and St.Louis senior living community takes your family very seriously. Our staff at St. Louis senior living community all are licensed and know all the safety measures on handling your loved ones. St. Louis senior living community has an overall positive background, and provide competitive prices that are affordable.