St. Louis senior living at Mari De Villa

Mari de Villa offers a full range of St. Louis senior living amenities while caring for the residents. The administration takes joy from focusing on guests and families at the Mari de Villa location, which sets them apart from other companies. Every type of staff member at Mari de Villa knows there is management available to all including residents and families. Here at Mari de Villa, we call every resident a “guest” because of a feeling that service to guests comes first because of the level of care the guest will get. There is a difference between skilled nursing and an assisted living license.

The resident must understand that Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Licenses are under State law. There are also Federal laws regulating how we work on our senior care. Staffing requirements for either license in order to enhance St. Louis senior living. St. Louis senior Living assisted living facilities need to make sure that guests can learn to walk a path of safety on their own. Mari de Villa is licensed as a Skilled Nursing facility while providing a consistent assisted living environment for St. Louis senior living. Guest and family must know that our facilities manage each individual’s wishes. Our facility is family operated with St. Louis senior living in mind.

The day shift, (7 a.m. to 3 p.m.), makes sure that there is a ratio of 1 personnel to every 3-10 residents. Mari de Villa St. Louis senior living, has a nursing staff of 120. We are licensed for 224 skilled nurses at St. Louis senior living, with a capacity of 130 residents. Mari de Villa was founded in 1960 for St. Louis senior living, starting as Missouri’s first retirement center. Dining offers three meals a day for our guests. Sometimes, guests can schedule to have meals delivered on specific days, since St. Louis senior living would like this to be part of the arrangement indefinitely as instructed.