St. Louis Premiere Retirement Facility

Any family that is searching for St. Louis in home care in Clayton, look no further than our retirement center. Established in 1960, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide the finest quality services in order to achieve the best results possible. We have an outstanding nursing staff and professional care team that provides an elegant and loving atmosphere. We not only strive to create a well balanced and exciting environment, but our goal for the best in home care in Clayton is to create a lasting comfort that feels like home.

As a premiere retirement facility we feel its important that our guests enjoy many new and exciting amenities. Residents in home care in Clayton are exposed to social activities, off campus expeditions, salons, green spaces, exercise pool, and no obligation aerobics classes. If one exercising at our in home care in Clayton facility, they are provided certified trainers who meticulously balance a guest’s needs while ensuring they feel at their best. After a workout or social activity, a guest may feel they need to satiate their appetite. Look no further! Our in home care in Clayton provides an excellent rotational dining menu 3 times a day. It’s luxury that meets the comforts of home.

Take a walk through some of our luscious green spaces! Our guests can feel refreshed with tranquil walk through patios and St. Louis gardens. Our in home care in Clayton facility prides itself on providing a refreshing environment that will invigorate the guests and keep them at peace.

If a guest has special medical needs at our in home care in Clayton facility, know that we are fully dedicated to understanding and an individual’s unique needs. Our dedication to our guests is paramount to the foundation of our in home care in Clayton facilities.

Our motto for our guests is, “It’s our home too!” When you choose in home care in Clayton, you are choosing family