St. Louis Assisted Living

Be Our Guest

As family members grown older, it is critical that they have a safe place to live. It is important that they feel at home even though they may be staying at an assisted living facility. Therefore, the St. Louis Assisted Living, a family owned and operated establishment, is the perfect location. As a senior living facility, the St. Louis Assisted Living facility offers guests luxury living. The facility offers completely private living areas, skilled nursing staff, specialized memory care, and even skilled rehab. The St. Louis Assisted Living separates themselves from other assisted living establishments because they refer to their residents as “guests” making their relationships more personable. They do this because they want to extend the best care possible to their guests and cater to any needs they may have during their stay.

The St. Louis Assisted Living is able to provide private living spaces for up to 130 guests at one time. There are specific requirements that must be met for senior facilities. The state of Missouri requires that during the daytime shift there needs to be 1 staff member for every 3-10 residents. However, the St. Louis Assisted Living center exceeds those requirements by providing even more professional staff members for their senior community.

The St. Louis Assisted Living also offers their senior care to guests at a competitive rate. Since opening in 1960, they have only had to endure five rate increases. The St. Louis Assisted Living facility prides themselves on providing the ultimate care to senior citizens at a very reasonable price. They are transparent with their costs at St. Louis Assisted Living and do their absolute best to not attach any additional charges to any guests stay. The St. Louis Assisted Living facility is always open for tours in order for individuals to decide if the location and care fit all the needs of the future guest.