Nursing Facility in St. Louis

Mari De Villa Nursing Facility Has Excellent Care For St. Louis Residents
Mari De Villa’s nursing facility in St. Louis displays exceptional values. Their quality and standards in the care of patients served the community for six decades. If you have ever visited this facility, you will notice a unique atmosphere. You will get a great idea about why many consider this facility is to be one of the best in the St. Louis area.

Improving Patient Living Conditions

This family-owned business has enhanced the care industry in St. Louis. On the premises, every patient gets a well-rounded experience. They’ll feel comfortable while still being able to utilize valuable medical amenities.

No other nursing facility in St. Louis offers as many services to patients. Mari De Villa care services include:

• housekeeping services
• laundry services
• cooking services
• medical services
• social work services

Everything aims towards making the lives of the patients more enjoyable. Mari De Villa nursing facility in St. Louis staff help patients set personal goals. They provide attention and help patients achieve individual objectives in life. So long as they are willing to participate in the activities, residents are bound to improve.

The staff is exceptionally qualified and highly trained. Members provide excellent 24-hour bedside care and transportation services to patients. Every member within the single location facility prides itself on responsibility. Their staff works closely with professionals to meet the unique needs of every patient. They take all necessary precautions to ensure all residents are ready to leave when they choose to do so.

Not only does the facility care for residents, but it entertains them as well. All rooms have Flat Screen TVs with Cable Television networking. Residents enjoy the facility and make the most effective use of their time while they are there. Physical activities range from games to classes for elderly residents. These various programs encourage everyone to learn a new skill, despite their age. They help residents stay active and social.

Giving Patients High Quality Since 1960

Founders Joe and Georgeanne Linneman designed it to give patients the best facilities. You can relax and enjoy the hospitality of other people in the facility who have been through what you are going through. Visit this nursing facility in St. Louis to experience a better nursing environment.