Clayton Skilled Nursing Facility

Deciding on senior living can be a difficult choice as some may not know what to expect with the transition. Seniors interested in excellent 24 hour bedside care or all inclusive skilled nursing can visit Mari De Villa Senior Living’s Clayton Skilled nursing facility. This Clayton skilled nursing facility assures its guests that they will receive any assistance needed. Each guest is treated differently in respect of the guests’ wishes and independence. The major accommodations available allow families to have more confidence in their decision. Seniors at Mari De Villa’s Clayton skilled nursing facility and senior living will be cared for with 24-hour nursing care, consultations with a registered dietitian, daily housekeeping, and more. Incontinence products and all personal laundry are also included in the daily rates. Clayton skilled nursing facility at Mari De Villa is never to shy to lend a hand to residents needing help. Also included in the daily rates, are daily activities and social hours to keep guests engaged while at their new residency. Group games are just one form of entertainment as well as live music in both living rooms of the two main buildings on a daily basis. With the daily and weekly planned activities and events, guests have ample time to socialize with others throughout the day.
The many acres of Mari De Villa’s Clayton skilled nursing facility have patios, lake views, and garden trails to walk through. Other amenities such as transportation to doctors, hospitals, and dentists are accessible as well Monday through Friday. Families can feel more at ease knowing that their loved one’s needs are being best provided for when considering the Clayton skilled nursing facility in St. Louis. Aside from green spaces, the facility also has amenities such as salons and pools. Hairdressers are available several days throughout the week as well to pamper the guest with trims, haircuts, styling, etc. The massage room is a new addition as well which many guests can probably agree is quite relaxing. Fitness is encouraged, but this Clayton skilled nursing facility also cares about the guest’s comfort. Seated water aerobics and other fitness classes are instructed by certified trainers which are optional to take as well. No activity or socialization is forced. These matters are entirely up to the guest as the Clayton skilled nursing facility ,Mari De Villa, aims to make the guest feel at home. Daily rates also mean that the guest can have a flat screen television in their room if they enjoy watching TV. Room service is always available as staff will bring their meals to the guest. The guest may even request their meals be delivered. Located in St. Louis, Missouri on Clayton Road, this flexible and widely accommodating Clayton skilled nursing facility caters largely to the needs and wants of their guests so that they know they are not forgotten. Each resident has a voice and is equally respected and provided for by a care team including nurses, doctors, dietitians, trainers, and counselors.