Clayton senior care

What Is Clayton Senior Care?
Clayton senior care is a great location for those who have family members that need assistance. They provide a beautiful atmosphere and have 22 acres of land that has a country club style towards it. Clayton senior care has been around since 1960, and has an overall positive reputation and takes great love and care towards handling your loved ones. Overall there are several positive programs and things to get involved with during their stay at Clayton senior care, and they also provide training for those who suffer from memory impairments that seem to occur. This place also provides licensed nursing staff who will help aid and assist your relatives or loved ones at Clayton senior care. Anyone who suffers from cognitive issues will receive a full amount of attention and dedication towards making ends meet. Clayton senior care truly treats each and every individual with the love and respect that they deserve, and the nursing staff are trained and carry experience and knowledge in meeting the needs of your loved ones.

Activities Available At Clayton Senior Care
Once your loved one happens to stay at Clayton senior care, they will be provided with a beautiful room to stay in. Each room contains a flat screen TV, and certain daily requires such as laundry cleaning and housekeeping will also be provided for your loved one. Clayton senior care also provides three meals a day, and prior to your loved ones meal they will speak with a licensed dietician on what they can and can’t have in case there are allergies or any specific issues. Clayton senior care will always keep your loved one busy, as there is always something to do. They provide daily activities for your loved ones, along with social activities, and they also provide transportation to areas on certain days like the mall, flea markets, etc. They will always try to entertain your loved one, and there is also a pool located inside the facility. If your loved one would like a hair cut as well, Clayton senior living provides that also!