Clayton Nursing Home Care

Are you looking for the best Clayton nursing home care there is? Then why not look at Missouri’s first retirement center, Mari De Villa Senior Living that has been serving families for 60 years. When you choose this Clayton nursing home care you are not just a resident, you are there “Guest” and they try to make you feel like one as they strive to accommodate your needs. Not only do they have a diverse array of amenities from outdoor activities to social events but the care each individual requires is tailored for what works best for them.

This Clayton nursing home care is licensed in Skilled Nursing allowing them to provide a higher level of care depending on yours or your family member’s needs. Whether you need 24-hour bed care or you are a guest in the independent living, the nursing staff is available 24/7 making it accessible for anything a guest may need or in case of any emergencies. There is also a specialized memory care team within this Clayton nursing home care that is qualified to aide those with memory impairments. They have been trained to understand and provide care in the unique ways that memory loss affects them so that they may ease any uncertainty they may be experiencing. Mari De Villa Senior Living prides itself on serving its guest to the fullest so that they ensure each one is comfortable and safe.

It is easy to see why this family-owned business has been around for so long and continues to excel in great service. If this Clayton nursing home care still has not convinced you, then why not schedule a tour and come visit Mari De Villa Senior Living and see for yourself.