The Benefits of Living in an Assisted Living Community


As we age, we, unfortunately, become less independent and more dependent on others. Becoming more dependent as we age is difficult for many. Imagine no longer having the ability to care for yourself on your own.

Imagine no longer being able to shower on your own. Imagine not being able to do certain every-day tasks that you once took for granted. It’s frustrating and hard to accept at times.

When a nursing home isn’t the answer, assisted living might be. What’s the difference? A nursing home is a great option for a senior citizen who requires monitoring and elderly care 24/7.

An assisted living home is a wonderful option for senior citizens who can benefit from having help there when needed, but still have their own suite or apartment to themselves. Assisted living is a good way to still maintain independence but have the assistance there if needed.

In the guide below, you’ll discover a few benefits of an assisted living to help you determine if it’s the right option for you or your loved one. Continue reading to find out more!

Assisted Independent Living

Assisted living communities offer senior citizens the ability to remain independent as much as possible. Anyone living in the community can still feel independent but have help there if needed. Residents will live in a suite/apartment that truly feels like home.

They’ll be given an emergency pendant as well. In case of an emergency, a resident can simply press the pendant, and a nurse will immediately make their way to them to ensure their health and safety. Skilled nurses are there in the community with all residents to provide 24/7 care.

How will the community assist its residents other than providing aid from nurses 24/7? All personal laundry will be taken care of as well as daily housekeeping. Residents will also be offered each meal throughout the day.

Always Something to Do

Remaining social as a senior citizen is essential for mental health. If an elderly person sits alone with no one to socialize with, they can become lonely. To prevent this from happening, these communities always offer something for the residents to do.

There will be a variety of activities available for residents to attend throughout each week. Group games, guest speakers, travel documentaries, and other activities will take place at different times throughout the week to ensure all residents have a chance to attend an event.

There are also a few salons and beauty shops located in the community as well as a fitness center with exercise classes, and a pool with water aerobics too. Green spaces are also available for residents who enjoy spending time relaxing outside.

Brain-Training Resources

As we age, we also begin to lose memory. Dementia and Alzheimer’s can both play a part in memory loss as well. A memory care team will be on-site to ensure residents have the brain-training resources they need to keep their brain and memory functioning well.

Memory loss affects each person differently. This is why there are trained and highly qualified professionals there to treat each resident individually. The goal is to reduce any confusion or frustration a resident might be having due to their memory loss.

A Healthy Lifestyle

When a senior citizen is living alone in a house, they don’t have easy access to physical therapy or healthy meals as they do when living in an assisted living community. Without the help of family members or friends, an elderly person might skip meals without even realizing it.

When staying in one of these communities, residents will receive proper care and have access to healthy meals throughout the entire day. This takes the burden of preparing meals off of family members and the resident themself. If there’s a certain diet a resident must be on, such as a diet for a diabetic or high cholesterol, then this is something that can be discussed and provided.

The on-site exercise classes will also offer all residents a convenient way to stay healthy without having to leave the community.

Added Security and Safety

Most senior citizens require some sort of guidance while getting around. Slipping and falling are common ways the elderly injure themselves. An assisted living community adds safety to residents’ daily lives by ensuring the entire community is designed for accessibility.

For example, flat walkways, ramps, railings down each hallway, and raised toilets are all ways to reduce the risk of falls. There are also alarm systems in place to add extra security from intruders, which a senior citizen might not have in their own house. All of these features combined will give the family of the resident some peace of mind.

Safe Transportation When Needed

Transportation becomes an issue for the elderly once they’re no longer able to drive. Seeing a doctor, visiting the dentist, and other outings then rely on family members and friends, which might not always be available. Residents living in one of these communities, however, will have transportation services available to them.

Residents can take advantage of the transportations services offered Monday-Friday to get them to any doctor or dentist appointments. These transportation services will also bring residents to local hospitals as well.

Is Assisted Living Right for You?

Have you recently been considering if assisted living is the right option for you or your loved one? After reading through the benefits listed above, we hope you now have a better understanding of what an assisted living community has to offer.

Are you ready to take the next steps?

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