Senior Moments at Mari De Villa

A senior moment often has a negative connotation but not at Mari De Villa Senior Living. Here it does not signal a lapse but the connection their comprehensive approach to care demonstrates. A senior moment at Mari De Villa is time tailored for and about the senior population. It is focused staff, guest(resident), family with express purpose to include all three in the care of the Senior and is one of the leading hospice care in St. Louis. Understanding that complete care and support for Seniors as a key to quality of life is something that the mission of the team at Mari De Villa Senior Living.

Since 1960 this family owned retirement community has embraced independent living, skilled nursing, memory care along with the delicate duties of hospice care in St. Louis area. Characterizing its residents as Guests shows the efforts made to provide a unique experience of the needs each resident has including hospice care in St. Louis.

Independence Days
To be given the space to live in accommodations options in layouts and sizes is Mari De Villa’s hallmark. Customized with amenities that offer full freedom experience that many others miss. Offering the security of 24 hour medical emergency service answered by staff residing here as well. Skilled nursing is also 24 hour availability and care with access to dietitian services. Those in need for end of life care, the terminally ill receive some of the best compassionate hospice care in St. Louis.

Remember this
Mind and memory loss is critical to the senior community and complications such as dementia and Alzheimers hitting this segment of the population quite hard. Mari De Villa Senior Living has taken the time to provide extensive training in this area to a special tight knit staff. It is understood that the needs through memory impairment affect each person differently. Those guests with memory issues brought on by terminal issues are thought about and taken care of with this same highly trained group for hospice care in St. Louis.

Fostering an atmosphere that diminishes confusion and frustration for the guest is the goal. Addresses the complete Senior guest from the healthiest to the terminal mind, body and spiritual is the job done right even hospice care in St. Louis. Moments are precious and the eldest members deserve quality of living daily.