Senior Living Near Me

Mari De Villa Senior Living offers excellent care in senior living near me that treats guests like family. That’s because it is a family-owned with one location. There are several reasons to look to this facility when you search for “senior living near me.”

This facility has owners and administrators involved in the daily business. They are accessible to guests, family members, and employees. They are both family-owned and family-operated.

This facility can tailor care around individuals’ needs. Mari De Villa offers senior living near me that includes both assisted living care and licensed skilled nursing care. This means loved one will not need to move to another facility as their needs change but can enjoy senior living near me.

Those looking for “senior living near me” should consider staffing numbers. Mari De Villa exceeds its staff-to-guest ratio for the state of Missouri. This facility staffs its nursing staff, but also has support staff available. That provides three times the number of staff for the number of guests.

The facility converted all rooms to private rooms. That reduced the number of intake patients from 224, which it is licensed for, to 130. This is why it ranks high in senior living near me.

This center licensed for senior living near me has transparent charges and is affordable. Skilled nurses care is under an all-inclusive philosophy so there are not additional charges for things like internet, cable, meals, transportation, and housekeeping.

There is more to living than just living. This senior facility has live entertainment daily in both living rooms in the main buildings. They also offer events and social activities making this center of senior living near me special.

The 22-acre campus offers lots of green space, a pool and exercise classes. There are water aerobics, which include seated classes, and all exercise classes are led by certified instructors. These things make senior living near me something to enjoy!