Independent Living in St. Louis

Senior Living does not have to mean that seniors lose their independence. At Mari de Villa, senior living means having the pride of having your own space as well as a customized experience for each guest. Here are some ways to have independent living in St. Louis.

Villa Living

Independent living in St. Louis doesn’t have to mean losing your home. Mari de Villa has many Villa Estates that offer 1,000 to 3,000 square feet of home. There are elevators and lower levels to accommodate everyone. With hardwood floors and beautiful appliances guests can have the space to live and the pride to enjoy it.

Tailor Every Experience

With 54 villas available, independent living in St. Louis is easy and our number one goal. Individuals and couples can have specifically tailored senior living. Want a villa that has an extra bedroom for family? We would be happy to make sure that guests have room for their visitors. We are happy to work with our guests for an amazing independent living in St. Louis experience.

Amenities That Matter

When a guest decides to have independent living in St. Louis, they do not want to give up their social activities. We know how important it is to customize an amenity experience. Such experiences include:
• Water aerobic classes
• Seated exercise classes
• Heated indoor swimming pool
• Off-campus excursions
• Speaker series
Also, because we know how much each guest means to family, our independent living in St. Louis means having a 24-hour emergency call system. No matter what time of the day or night, each guest can call an emergency answering agent who can help with their needs. As an added bonus we will issue each guest an emergency medical pendent.

Make sure that you take the time to tour our location and see if our villas at Mari de Villa suit your needs. We try to make assisted living in St. Louis the best experience for your family.