Assisted Living in St. Louis

When looking for assisted living in S. Louis, there are some things to help your search. It is understandable that you want a place that is regulated by state and federal law. It is also understandable that you want a facility that is licensed to take care of your loved ones. Here are some things you need to know about assisted living in St. Louis.

The Difference

The difference in having a skilled nurse and assisted living in St. Louis is the level of care your loved one will get. Both are bound by state and federal law to be regulated for great care. The level of care for a skilled nursing environment is tailored around what each guest needs.
At Mari de Villa we understand that assisted living in St. Louis needs to mean the best care. There is adequate staffing and it is family owned which means our family will help take care of your family.

What can we offer our guests?

Assisted living in St. Louis should not mean that guests lose out on wonderful amenities. AT Mari De Villa we have a wide variety of ways to make your family feel like the guests they are. These amenities include:
• Dining
• Activities and Social gatherings
• Transportation
• Exercise and Pool
• Green spaces
• Salon
• Concierge
With these set in place for every guest at the level they can enjoy, assisted living in St. Louis allows for each guest to feel like they are at home and enjoy their time as such.
Schedule a tour today at Mari de Villa and see how we can make your family feel like a guest in our home. For almost 60 years we have had the pleasure in allowing our guest the freedom to live their best life.