Assisted Living Facilities Clayton

The Mari De Villa senior living community is a unique thriving space for seniors. You’ve never heard assisted living facilities in Clayton described this way because there isn’t another one like it in the area. In fact, we pride ourselves on being a rarity anywhere.

One of our secrets is being a single location. We’re care and not corporate focused. It’s one thing that assisted living facilities in Clayton can’t compete with. If you’re looking for the best assisted living facilities in Clayton to give you the peace of mind you want then Mari De Villa senior living is it.

You never go through a corporate office, Headquarters or branch in some obscure place. They handle unforeseen concerns in one space, the owners and staff are on site. In assisted living facilities in Clayton, such a luxury is unavailable. We treat our live in clients as guests and that’s what how we refer to them. They deserve the same treatment or better than a special house guest.

The service is the most well-rounded anywhere. We offer affordability, safety and surety in the areas of independent living; skilled nursing; memory care and skilled rehab. The bottom line is that handing the responsibility of care over to us is a secure experience. Professional, safe and effective service with a conducive environment is the best you can give someone you love.

The staff is on point when senior staff and ownership is on site. We hire the best through a stringent process so we’re confident in them, but it adds an extra security measure the families appreciate.