8 Amenities to Expect When Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

Is it time to start looking at assisted living facilities for your loved one? When you and your elderly family member decide that they’ll lead a better life in an assisted living community, you need to find the best of the best.

Not every assisted living facility offers the same services. Some focus on older people with degenerative conditions, and others have a focus on independent living. They also offer different kinds of amenities to provide comfort, fun, and overall high quality of life to their residents.

But what kinds of amenities should you expect from an assisted living facility? How do you know when you’re choosing the best place for your family member?

We believe that your family member’s forever home should be a luxury experience. After a life well-lived, they deserve it.

Keep reading to learn about the amenities that your loved one should have in their assisted living community.

1. Easy Transportation

Many people make the decision to enter a senior living facility when they realize that they’re no longer able to drive. This is a tough thing to come to terms with for active and independent seniors.

Losing mobility can restrict a senior’s appointments and overall happiness. Many senior living communities offer limited transportation options, often once or twice per week or to special events, but is that enough?

We think that easy transportation options are crucial for any assisted living facility. Seniors all have different needs and schedules, and it’s important that those needs can be accommodated.

2. Active Lifestyle Activities

Did you know that living a healthy and active lifestyle is one of the best things that senior citizens can do to maintain a good quality of life?

Many chronic conditions that affect older adults could be managed with physical activity. Many seniors are under the impression that a significant loss of mobility comes with the territory of old age, but this isn’t true. Staying active can prevent falls, keep excess weight off, and prolong lifespans.

This is why all senior facilities should offer exercise options. Having a good trainer can be the difference between a sedentary lifestyle and an active and healthy life.

3. Live Entertainment

While most assisted living communities offer some form of entertainment options, live entertainment is often limited.

Why give up live entertainment when you move into an assisted living facility? This is the best time for your loved one to sit back and relax to enjoy all of the live music, presentations, and speakers that they love.

While this may not seem like a necessity, it’s important for seniors to know that they’re not missing out on anything that they’d have in “the outside world.” When we bring live entertainment to their communities, they know they’re getting a 5-star experience.

4. Socializing Opportunities

How often does your loved one get to socialize? If they’re no longer driving, the answer is “not often enough.” Some people choose assisted living facilities because they want to have an available community.

Loneliness is an epidemic for seniors. It affects both their physical and mental health.

While living in an assisted living community helps, it’s important that seniors have opportunities to socialize during scheduled activities. This gives them a way to approach new people in a casual environment and helps them make friends.

These activities may include mixers, planned classes, and anything else that gets the seniors grouped together and communicating.

5. A Salon Experience

Does your loved one deserve to feel pampered and look their best? Of course they do.

You don’t stop wanting to look your best when you get older. You also don’t have to give up the experience of being taken care of in a high-quality hair salon. You don’t even have to travel for it.

Wouldn’t it feel luxurious to be able to stay within your community and visit one of several hair salons? You can find the perfect stylist for you without ever leaving the property.

6. High-Quality Dining

Have you heard the stereotypes of bad and bland food in senior living communities? It doesn’t have to be that way.

Your loved one has specific dietary needs (as all seniors do). While some people think that these needs are met with bland (but nutritionally-dense) foods, there are other options that taste great while also being healthy.

Meals should be individualized and there should be multiple dining options to meet your loved one’s needs. Do they need room service when they’re not up to socializing? Do they want to spend time with their friends in a nice dining room?

Make sure that your assisted living facility of choice offers these options.

7. A Beautiful Environment

The grounds of your assisted living facility don’t have to be boring and barren. You want to make sure that your loved one has a bright, sunny, and beautiful space to look at and explore.

It’s important to get proper amounts of sunlight and exercise to maintain a healthy life. When your loved one is living in a beautiful place, it’s easy to get outside and take a walk to enjoy a nice day.

8. Concierge Service

As a valued resident, your loved one deserves to be attended to. Everyone has specific needs, and it’s important that the senior living facility is ready and willing to take care of them.

A concierge service ensures that your loved one will never go without anything they want or need.

Are You Looking for the Best Assisted Living Facility?

Choosing an assisted living facility for your loved one is difficult. How can you know that they’re safe and happy?

When you choose a facility with luxury amenities, you know that your loved one has everything that they need to live a fulfilling life within the community. They’ll have amenities that you’ll wish you had at home!

Lucky for you, we have the senior living facility of your loved one’s dreams. Don’t take our word for it though. Schedule a tour today and you’ll see why our services are unmatched.