Senior Housing in Chesterfield

Senior can live everywhere in the St. Louis area, but only at Mari De Villa Senior Living will they be thought of as guests in Senior housing in Chesterfield.

Mari De Villa has the finest in senior housing in Chesterfield, whether you are healthy enough to live on your own and just want the company of great friends around you as well as the living space complete with an indoor pool, lovely dining area, and lovely parlor room, clubhouse estate or an exclusive therapy room or more.

For those who need more care, there are also rooms available with 24-hour available health care.

There are facilities available for up to 3,000 square feet of living space, and even an auto garage, hardwood floors, and stainless steel appliances.

For those who are living in our senior housing in Chesterfield, there is a maximum of privacy offered, plus cable television ad wireless internet, private bathrooms, gorgeous views, and more.

Whether you need 24-hour a day nursing or just need an occasional helping hand, this is the place to relax and rest when you want and at the same time, to be fully engaged as a senior in the best that St. Louis has to offer.

Our senior housing in Chesterfield has a multi-year reputation for excellence. We were Missouri’s first retirement center, and have doubled in size several times over since opening.

Unlike many retirement centers, we are not part of a corporate structure. We are family owned from our early beginnings and remain family-owned.

That alone makes us different because all of our guests become part of our family. From the moment you come to visit us at the moment you move it, you will be welcomed and appreciated.

We dare say that we run one of the finest senior retirement centers in the United States, let alone in the St. Louis area the difference we can make in your senior living.

Come schedule a visit with us soon to discover the care that can be brought to your loved ones.