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Dear Fred and Mary Kay,

It is my pleasure to give you some thoughts about the care my dad received at MARI de VILLA.
Dad formed relationships with his care givers. From the physical therapist to the nurses and aids, he saw the same people throughout his stay of three years. MARI de VILLA does not employ “temporary” help. The people who cared for him took responsibility for his well being, even when he was difficult!

The facilities were clean and were kept up to date from a maintenance perspective. He had what ever he needed to make his stay comfortable. He had a private room – a nice size private room- at a rate that was favorable compared with other facilities in the area. The grounds were beautifully landscaped and maintained. Taking Dad on a walk was always a favorite activity when weather permitted. Our family always felt welcome there – no matter what time we chose to visit. It was nice to take dad out to the clubhouse for brunch on Sunday or special celebrations. I always felt welcome if I wanted to come and share a meal with dad in the dining area. The staff made an effort to please him if he had special food requests.

We trusted dad’s medical care to the internist on staff at MARI de VILLA. I was very happy with the care he received from the staff doctor, who was most competent and had a real understanding of the issues facing the elderly.

Care at MARI de VILLA is very personal and does not feel institutional. The management team takes real pride in providing top notch care for all residents, from the condos to those requiring the highest level of care. My dad’s last years at MARI de VILLA were the best they could be. He was always treated with dignity and respect.

Best regards,
Julie Ferrie



As a nursing home owner I am acutely aware of the challenges and issues of owning and operating a skilled care facility.
A resident’s comfort starts with respect, each and every resident of Mari De Villa is treated as an individual, almost as if they were the only person the staff had to take care of or deal with. Each resident is treated with the utmost respect and patience.

The above outcome is a result of staffing, there is absolutely no question in mind the staff at Mari De Villa is the finest in the St. Louis area.
When making the final decision regarding my own mother’s residence I simply asked employees: “how long have you been here” I was amazed at the answers, 26 years, 14 years, 18 years, 8 years, 6 years and so on, little or no turnover in a business where turnover is the rule not the exception.

Care and comfort are paramount at Mari De Villa. In our personal experience I knew we had made the proper decision when after only two weeks as a resident of Mari De Villa, Mom started and continued for the remainder of her life (3 years with Mari De Villa) to refer to Mari De Villa as HOME. Home it was, not only for Mom but for the entire family. My children would say are we going to Nana’s house for brunch or Nana’s house for this or that, and off we would go to Mari De Villa where the staff treated us with the same warmth and kindness Mom received.

Thanks to you and the entire staff for all you did for Mom.

Tim Crowley
St. Louis, MO


Our Residents

AnnWithrowAnn Withrow
“For me there really wasn’t an adjustment (moving to MARI de VILLA). I just thought of this as the next step in our lives. The nice thing about MARI de VILLA, it’s small enough that, I think there are 54 units where we are, that everybody knows everybody and they are extremely, congenial.”

Dr Christopher VournasDr. Christopher Vournas
“The thing that sets MARI de VILLA apart is the atmosphere. They take a personal interest here in their residents and there is a family atmosphere here that I did not find at other places that I looked. There’s a unique warmth about this place.”


Stuart and Mary TrottmanStuart and Mary Trottmann
“I had a bad pain one night, pushed the panic button and there was a nurse in the room in about five minutes. We have great piece of mind at MARI de VILLA.”



Jim SticeJim Stice
“I’d say the major reason I’m at MARI de VILLA is the mere fact that it is the perfect size. It is not large and institutional and a bit impersonal, you know. Here, it’s very personal, a perfect size.”


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